Monday, November 21, 2011

Port Salut Disaster...Again!

I had posted that my remake of the Port Salut was progressing.  Well, it turns out, it's not.  The b. linens stopped growing (if indeed it WAS b. linens), and spoilage mold began to appear.  At first, I tried trimming it.  But when the b. linens wasn't taking over, I had no choice but to either toss it, or carefully trim the rind, re-brine it, and start with a fresh packet of b. linens.  I chose the second option.  It's been two weeks since retrimming it, and no b. linens.  It's supposed to be a fast growing bacteria.  This is not fast.  Now, once again, I am getting small spots of other molds starting on the cheese.  The cheese itself was made over 5 weeks ago.  By now, I should be close to having a ripe Port Salut, with another 1-3 weeks before it's supposed to be done.  Not even close!

I think the lot# of my LR series of Choozit b. linens culture from Danisco is bad, somehow.  I am not giving up, though.  I ordered the SR3 series b. linens and will make a new Port Salut soon.  Although the SR3 is not as aromatic as the LR, it should still work.  My other Choozit cultures all work fine.  It's just the b. linens LR series that isn't.

I now consider this Port Salut a dud. is still edible.  I'm bringing it to my sister's house for Thanksgiving.  Why let it go to waste?

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