Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pic of Stilton

I like the way this next batch of Stilton looks!  The recipe I used was from the book of cheese recipes I referenced earlier, and not the one that came with my cheesemaking kit, like last time.  The main difference was that the Stiltons sat in the mold without any weight on them, so the curds are a bit looser, allowing more air in between the curds so the mold develops easier.  The only trouble is that the curds on the corners tend to flake off if I'm not careful.

On the Port Salut, things are progressing a bit better than the first time.  I made it to the second bacteria wash without large blooms of spoilage mold.  Only a few flecks, more tiny than pepper flakes, every few days.  I've been able to keep it at bay, and now the b. linens appears to be taking off.  I did use Geo 15 in the second wash, as suggested by the recipe book author.  Hopefully, now that the b. linens is taking off, it will crowd out the unwanted mold.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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