Sunday, October 23, 2011

Verdict of a Wider Audience

There were about ten people at my sister's brunch today, including MJ and me.  I think most everyone sampled the cheeses I brought, a Stilton, a Brie, and the juustoa.  Based on different tastes, some like one over another, but overall, everyone liked them, especially the Stilton. Good to know that I can make cheeses that seem edible to others and not just me!!  Yes, I was seeking affirmation and an ego boost, and I got it.  But on some level, I'm never quite sure if the cheese I made (or anything I do) appeals to only me and my tastes, or if it has a wider appeal.  In the end, if I were to give away homemade cheese as gifts, I'd like to know if they are viewed well, or put in the same category as a stale fruit cake:  "Thanks for the thought, you shouldn't have.  No, really, you shouldn't have!"

I think I can scale up and be ready to share in the future.

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