Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ready to Share My Cheeses

After making several batches of Brie/Camembert and a batch of Stilton, I am ready to let others try my handiwork.  MJ and I are going to a brunch at my sister's house, and we're bringing a wheel of Brie and the last half of the remaining Stilton to share and get comments.  Both are now at the point in ageing where they should be ripe enough.  We had shared one of the Brie's and half a Stilton at a dinner with friends a few weekends ago.  Unfortunately, the Brie was not quite ready and there was a small area in the middle where it was slightly "pasty".  The Stilton was sharper than the first one I cut into, but it needed more time to get even more sharp.  While we like the cheeses I've made so far, we're partial.  I'll have to report on the comments I get next week.

The Port Salut is still the bane of my existance.  The latest attempt appeared to be doing fine this first week.  But yesterday, the surface was moist and sticky when I went to turn it.  No mold yet, thank heavens.  So I left it sit in the wine refrigerator totally uncovered overnight.  This morning, the top and sides were fine, but the bottom was a bit damp.  So, I turned it and left the cover off again.  Once the surface gets back to what it should be, I'll put the cover back on slightly ajar.  The first bacteria wash is slated for Monday.  I am watching this one like a hawk.  I cannot afford to have it go bad.  If it does, I'll move on to another type of cheese to try, and leave the Port Salut until I'm more experienced.

In the mean time, I will have to make more Brie and Stilton, since I'll be out of that completely this weekend.  I seem to have those down pretty good, so it will help my self esteem to make something I know works well for me.


  1. What type of wine refrigerator are you using? I'm planning on buying one this weekend so I can start my cheddar.

  2. Its a Wynter 21 bottle dual zone refrigerator.

  3. Sorry, Glenn K. I'm having trouble commenting on my own posts to keep the thread running.

  4. Glenn - Please tell me how the cheddar turns out.