Friday, October 14, 2011

Starting Over

I cannot control the mold.  It keeps returning with a vengeance.  Now, I have black, white, brown, and blue mold colonies, and still not b.linens mold.  It is definitely spoilage bacteria and likely from the surface being too moist during those first days.  I thought about trimming the surface off of the cheese and starting with the first brine solution again, but the cheese is too soft to cut well, and I ended up smearing the mold onto the fresh surface.  Kind of defeats the purpose.  Before tossing it, I decided to sample it on the inside.  Pretty good, even for it still being a bit young.  I can see that this cheese would be a good melting cheese.

So, into the trash, and I'll start over again this weekend.  First, I will sterilize the ageing container very carefully, and wipe down the inside of the wine refrigerator with diluted bleach to be sure that I get rid of mold spores that may be in the refrigerator.  Don't want to reintroduce any bad bacteria.

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