Saturday, September 17, 2011

First Viili Batch

Nearly forgot I was going to post this as I was so anxious to try my first batch of viili.  After I took a few bites, I remembered and rushed to the computer desk to upload a photo.

MJ says it tastes just like she remembers it.  I agree, though I was only a Yupper for 5 years so my experience is more limited than hers.  But the flavor is sour like yogurt, and a little hint of yeast.  And as you can see, the texture is ropey and gelatinous.  We used non-homogenized whole milk for this batch, so it had a bit of yellowish cream on the surface, along with a slight bloom of penicillum candidum to give it it's velvetty feel

I did put blueberries in it this time.  But I found a hidden jar of thimbleberry jam in the cupboard.  My next serving will have a small dollop of thimbleberry jam in it.  Makes me want to have MJ make some nissu.

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