Monday, August 8, 2011


Still haven't made any cheese lately.  Too many things occupying my time right now.  However, I did check my Camembert that I made in May, and it is getting soft in the middle.  I just gently squeezed the wrapped cheese to check it's progress and it's much softer than it was a couple weeks ago.  I'll be ready to unwrap one in mid September to try it out.

The Stilton blue cheese is looking ugly on the outside...the way it's supposed to look.  The penicillin mold on the rind has started to give way to a mix of brown and white mold and it is shrinking a bit as the rind dries out, even in humid conditions.  I used a heavy duty straw, sterile of course, to core the cheese and it tastes good.  It is developing sharpness.  I like the fact that I used a little extra cream to make it, because the texture is like a Stilton, but a bit "creamier".   I also used sterilized stainless steel skewers to poke holes in it to help develop the blue veining.  I still have to wait for November to wrap it, and then by the Holidays, it should be just about ready to cut open. 

I have to remember to get a cheese corer/sampler in the future.  If I make a cheddar, it will be critical to have one to check it's progress.  Maybe my family will get one for me for a Christmas present?

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