Monday, July 18, 2011


I've not made any more cheeses recently.  I have a busy schedule coming up and the cheeses require some babysitting early on in their creation.  I just won't have time.  In the mean time, the Stilton cheese is progressing nicely.  The blue penicillin mold has changed to a lighter blue-gray, which is normal.  Eventually, I may see some brown and white mold appear as the rind formation ages.  This week, I'll skewer the cheeses to allow more air into the middle, so the penicillin works it's magic more deeply into the cheese.  After that, it's just waiting for three more months and turning the cheeses twice weekly in the ripening container.  The Camembert I made first should be done sometime in late August.  Once I unwrap one of them and cut it open, I'll post a pic, good or bad, for everyone to see how it turned out.

So no posts for a while, I'm afraid.

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