Friday, December 16, 2011

Pink Mold on Stiltons

I had to leave my Stiltons unattended for a full week while I traveled to Quebec City (talk about a place that likes it's fromageries!)  I had left the lid on the container closed because they were so far along in the mold development that I figured they'd be OK.  Well, they weren't.  I came back to patches of pink mold on the surface of the cheese.  The humidity got too high and it encouraged the pink mold.  I immediately scraped off the mold down to cheese that was not discolored, resulting in much smaller and misshaped rounds. tasted great!

I later learned that the pink mold, while garishly unsightly, was not harmful.  Oh, the humanity!  But now I learned two important lessons.  When in doubt, err on the side of lower humidity, at least if I have to leave them unattended for a long period.  Also, if I ever see pink mold again, I won't fret over whether the darned thing is ruined.

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